Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday, Holiday, Holiday Market

At last, a moment to get back to the blog! Behind every hour of fun at Holiday Market, there are several hours of work by everyone involved, both Market staff and Market artisans. That's over 300 people working all week long to bring our sweet and lively Marketplace into being every weekend. Somehow this season, blogging hasn't squeezed into any of those hours. Toward the end of the Market run, we get caught up and have a bit of time, and I hate to neglect any of my Market story telling opportunities... so here's an abbreviated glance at the Market season so far.

There have been choirs
Saturday Market 12 10 02.jpg

and handcrafts,
Saturday Market 12 10 09.jpg

sock monkeys
Saturday Market 11 19 20.jpg

and steam punks,
Saturday Market 11 20 47.jpg

Saturday Market 12 04 17.jpg

and even a Kitty (giving an award for microenterprise development to Market Manager Beth),
Saturday Market 12 10 06.jpg

and the general swirl and whirl of commerce occurring in the most essential fashion. Folks spending their money for beautiful things, valuing the labor of their friends, neighbors and community members by keeping our money in our own city. The Market has been busy and happy so far this season, and as we head toward the holidays it will only be moreso. We head into our last five Market days with plenty of holiday cheer to share. We'll be open Saturday and Sunday this weekend from 10-6, and then next Thursday and Friday 10-6 and Saturday, Christmas eve, 10-4. If you'd like to find out more about who is selling, or who is playing on the stage, or get some gift ideas, head over to and then head to the Fairgrounds at 12th & Jefferson and be a part of a wonderful tradition!

Here's a slide show of pics from this year's Market so far:

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