Thursday, July 21, 2011

Saturday Market #16: Happy Together

As I walked onto the Park Blocks on Saturday, less than thrilled at the soggy greyness of the day, I was greeted by the uplifting tones of Paul Naylor and his magic voice machine that allows him to sing three part harmony with himself. He was singing that sweet old Turtles hit "Happy Together."

Saturday Market 07 16 02.jpg
How did he know? That was the exactly perfect song I needed to hear. I think we can chalk it up to Market Magic. It really adjusted my attitude to appreciative for the rest of the day, happy to be out together with my Market friends and neighbors, making our weekly Market to share with everyone in town.

Saturday Market 07 16 18.jpg
I had just walked in past Kendra Brock, Sally Pravel and Sarah Sabri, who were all cozied up, three booths sharing a common covering, and I had been thinking how cool it is that Marketeers work together to make the best of every Market day. A little weather based adversity usually helps us appreciate each other all the more.

Saturday Market 07 16 25.jpg
Pamela Pollock, Alicia Ghio and Patrick Jovin took a similar approach, and they made a really nice, airy group of booths that all looked really nice together.

Saturday Market 07 16 09.jpg
Even the strolling vendors were happy to take part, even if it meant holding up a giant umbrella, like Angela Ketel,

Saturday Market 07 16 31.jpg
or sporting slick cowboy boot style galoshes, like Shamora Merritt.

Saturday Market 07 16 13.jpg
Thank goodness Eugene is a rain or shine kind of place, where eating a good lunch at Market is way more important than avoiding those inconvenient rain drops.

Saturday Market 07 16 39.jpg
A generous helping of happy zydeco music at the end of the day from Brian Chevalier & Heavy Chevy helped wrap up my day on a joyful note. Still happy, and definitely looking forward to next Saturday.

And imaging how much more appreciative I'll be of a sunny one! Bring it on!

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