Thursday, May 26, 2011

Saturday Market #8: A Dancing Place

Saturday Market is many things to many people. To many people, Saturday Market is the place to dance. People dance during every set of the day! I remember Dave Carter telling me that Saturday Market was the first place he ever saw people dancing to his cerebral folk songs. He was amazed.

This week was a very dancey day, starting with the kids from Edison dancing while singing "The Codfish Ball." A little later, Les Etoiles de Guinée most definitely danced to their Guinean drumming, and sometimes even while drumming.
Saturday Market 05 21 14.jpg

Saturday Market 05 21 15.jpg

The Maya Love Band's Bob Dylan's birthday tribute set got everybody dancing and singing along, and then Kef played music that's made for group dancing, from the Balkans.

Saturday Market 05 21 26.jpg

That got me thinking about all the kinds of dancing that go on at the Market. Of course I have a few photos to illustrate...

Steamy dancing (to Son Melao)

Saturday Market 09 27 16
Romantic dancing (to a tango by Paul & Nancy's Love Truffle)

Saturday Market 08 02 13
Ecstatic twirly hippie dancing (to just about anything)

Saturday Market 08 28 111
Ecstatic jumping up and down waving your arms dancing (to Soulicious)

Saturday Market 07 18 16
Dancing with a fairy (a rare treat)

Saturday Market 05 01 28
Old Man Dancing (to just about everything)

Saturday Market 04 02 32.jpg
Dancing S.L.U.G. Queen Slugasana (taking a break from yoga)

Saturday Market 08 15 07
Dancing Pig (from the Waldorf School Players)

Saturday Market 04 30 13.jpg
Flash Mob Swing Dancing (surprise!)

Saturday Market 08 07 14
Gogo dancing (to The Dick Danger Band)

Saturday Market 04 04 32
Dancing in kilts (The Eugene Highlanders)

Saturday Market 08 28 86
Dancing with swords (belly dancers - my favorite!!)

Dance on over to the Flickr stream for more dancing photos. Let them inspire you to come on down and dance! This week I'd suggest Opal Creek's 1 PM bluegrass set for ultimate danceability...

See you there!

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