Thursday, May 05, 2011

Saturday Market #5: Market is Made of Variety

Looking through my photos from Saturday, I'm marveling at how many different little stories and events manage to gel into a Market day. I've know this for as long as I've been a Marketeer, but the variety always amazes me.

Saturday Market 04 30 04.jpg
This particular day starts out with the chaotic sounds of the Willagillespie Marimba Ensemble. It takes them a little while to settle down and play together, but their teacher Molly Nord does a great job of getting them all on the same beat. Then they sound sweet and melodic.

Saturday Market 04 30 09.jpg
I'm so happy that Savanna Coen has decided to have her first ever CD release party at the Market. She raised the money to fund it in the most 21st century way, online! She made her first appearance three years ago at Market, and now at twelve, she's an accomplished performer with a gorgeous voice. The crowd goes wild.

Saturday Market 04 30 19.jpg
Meanwile, inspired by the Royal Wedding, Colleen at Dana's Cheesecake suggests in a most 21st century way via Facebook, that we wear our wedding hats to Market. Nicki knows how to make the most of cheesecake booth craft supplies and makes a stylish fascinator on the spot!

Saturday Market 04 30 15.jpg
A customer has seen this suggestion on Facebook, crafts her own beautiful fascinator and wears it proudly to Market to join in the fun.

Saturday Market 04 30 13.jpg
Then suddenly in the middle of the day there was a swing dance flash mob. I love when that happens.

Saturday Market 04 30 37.jpg
Later I have a great chat with my neighbor Bob Prine, of Knucklehead Woodworks. I make his specially built booth the Beautiful Booth of the Month for May, click through and see what I found out.

Saturday Market 04 30 40.jpg
Cameron Greer spends the afternoon embroidering this patch on site, much of it sitting stage side, enjoying the music of Uncle Stumbles.

Saturday Market 04 30 47.jpg
At the end of the day Ritta asks me to take a picture of Royce and Ritta with a sweet charicature of Royce and Ritta by fellow Marketeer Candace Westberg.

That was just my day. Imagine, everybody on the blocks had a slightly or very different day from mine! This next one will be different again...

Come see what happens, see you there!

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