Friday, April 15, 2011

Saturday Market #2: Refinding My Pace

First off, I want to point you at Taryn's great blog about making it to their first Saturday Market with baby Bracken along at woolymossroots. Frankly, she was my inspiration for even blogging this afternoon. If Taryn & Jeff can make it to Market with a baby, then I can push myself through a blog post. Thanks, Taryn!

This is my 20th season of managing the Market. You'd think I'd have plenty of muscle memory for getting in gear and rolling through these first few Saturdays. Not so much as it turns out. I got in a bit early and traipsed on down to the Park Blocks, only to realize that I'd forgotten all the things I really needed to bring from the office. Performer checks, food vouchers, signs... So once I got Gordon Kaswell settled in (he'd done most of the settling himself) I went back to the office for the forgottens.

Some sign posting, tea drinking and fussing around and suddenly it was noon. Nary a photo had entered my camera! Fortunately Eagle Park Slim was happy to oblige.
Saturday Market 04 09 01.jpg

I never really got all the way into the photo groove all day long. Maybe I was distracted by the crowd going completely wild after every song that Ben Fish & The Blues Busters played.
Saturday Market 04 09 08.jpg

Or the amazing and adorable Emerald All Star Cheer team stopping in to show some skills. This special needs cheerleading team is one of two such teams ever invited to perform at the Cheerleading Worlds in Orlando.
Saturday Market 04 09 06.jpg

Or the tap dancing busker on the corner.
Saturday Market 04 09 18.jpg

Or the astonishing native garb.
Saturday Market 04 09 22.jpg

Or the beautiful blue orb at Michael Bertotti's booth.
Saturday Market 04 09 27.jpg

In retrospect, this is sounding like a perfectly average Saturday! Which means one in which you never know what you'll find, but it will always be fascinating.

See you tomorrow for another go-round!

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oregonjewelry said...

See you tomorrow indeed, sun-o-sun I hope. Great photos and keep up the blogging, I check it every week. A little inspiration to get me warmed up before market day.