Friday, March 25, 2011

Saturday Market 2011: T-minus One Week and Counting...

Our Saturday Crew
Here we are, the Market crew for this season. This is just after our pre-season staff meeting. As usual, a mix of familiar faces and new ones to the Market staff.

From L to R we are: Erich (Info Booth), Colton (site worker), Sandy (Info Goddess), Vi and Beth (Managers), Evam (site crew manager), Bryan and Izzy (site workers), Kimberly (Info Booth), Justin and Joey (site worker) and Kris (Info Booth). There are also five more guys that weren't at the meeting, most of them will spend their time at Market sorting the trash into compost, recycling and garbage. And there's me, Kim (manager), invisible behind the camera. Somebody had to do it...

It's been a busy winter as it always is. We have to put away Holiday Market, and then start up the Saturday Market. There are forms to invent and mail out and receive, databases to update, new products to review, budgets to plan, a stage to book, ads to place and create, committees to meet with and a whole lot more. It looks to the public like we all - staff and vendors alike - work one day a week: Saturday! That's how it should be, looking effortless and magical. But it takes some of us all week to make sure it goes that smoothly.

We are looking forward to getting the Market started on April 2, as we always do. But for tomorrow, we are all going to savor our last Market-less Saturday until the end of the season. I'm heading to Portland Saturday Market to get in the Market mood. How about you?

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