Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday Market, the Final Five!

Here come the last five days of Holiday Market - Saturday & Sunday, then Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It's a busy, exciting week! I think I'm ready for it, how about you? Since times are a bit crunchy, I'm going to go light on the blog...

But I wanted to share a couple of fun moments from last weekend. We started out with forty or so young Suzuki Strings players on stage. Anyone who's been reading the blog knows how much I love having kids perform, and how much I admire those who teach music to kids. This group was exceptionally well organized and beautifully behaved, along with playing very well.

Saturday Market 12 11 01

We ended the day with the Cal Young Middle School Jazz Band, always a favorite of mine. Also extremely well organized, they manage to squeeze at around thirty kids on stage with chairs, music stands and instruments.

Saturday Market 12 11 16

Sunday's theme was Holidaze in the Tropics, and I love it when groups play along with the dress up game. Accordions Anonymous always pleases in that regard, they all dressed accordingly and played tropically themed songs, and a few holiday favorites as well. A real plus was Bud's tuba, festooned with flowers!

Saturday Market 12 12 42

Tomorrow's theme is Prom Night, and Sunday's is the every popular Frida Kahlo Day. The next five days are filled with great music as well, including Sunday's back to back performances by Laura Kemp and The Traceys, and I know lots of folks look forward to seeing The Rosen Sisters (on Thursday) and one of my favorites, wrapping it up with middle eastern dance and music with Americanistan on Friday afternoon.

I'm also looking forward to doing some shopping! Here's a helpful hint - some folks will be selling all five of the next Market days, but lots of folks only sell Saturday and Sunday, and then a whole new crop of folks take their place for the last three days. The Market will be full of great things to buy, but you can also plan to take advantage of the variety by stopping by on the weekend, and during the week.

However you celebrate the season, the whole Market is grateful for your support, and wishes you all the best in the coming year! See you at Market...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday, Holiday, Holiday Market

At last, we made it to Holiday Market! At last, I have a bit of time and brain available to catch up with ye olde blog! Rather than give a detailed report of all seven Market days gone by, I'll share some of my favorite Market moments so far.

Daily Market Parades:
Holiday Market 11_21_17

We start every Market day, Holiday and Saturday, with a singing, drumming, dancing parade of folks wishing us "prosperity and fun for everyone, the magic has begun for everyone, let's have fun!" as they stroll through the aisles. Here they are, gathered on Hats & Tiaras day in all their finery. It's a great way to start a day.

Dress Up Days:
We pick a theme for each day in advance. Some of us choose to dress according to the theme. It's silly, it's fun, it even spreads out into the community and customers show up in creative attire. This is the kind of thing you can get away with in Eugene, without even raising eyebrows.

Holiday Market 12_05_23
Our Info Booth Staff was particularly excellent at playing up the Wild Wild West theme,

Holiday Market 12_05_28
as were customers Chris & Etienne.

Holiday Market 11_27_82
Tyler Dones excelled at Retro/Time Machine/Steampunk.

Holiday Market 11_21_38
Nicki at Dana's Cheesecake excels at crafting her theme appropriate accessories on the spot from items on hand, like this charming Tiara for Hats & Tiaras day.

Holiday Market 12_05_36
Not to be outdone, Janet and the Renaissance Pizza crew baked up some badges for Wild Wild West day.

You can see lots of photos of excellent dress up examples here if you need some extra entertainment: Dress Up Days Set on Flickr

Cool products:
Marketeers really do bring out their best work for the holidays. There's so much that even I don't get to see it all. Last Sunday I started taking pictures of some of the wonderful goodies for sale and sharing them via Twitter/Twitpic. It was fun, and possibly inspirational to somebody out there, so I'll keep doing it for the rest of the Market days. You can find the photos and follow my tweets by going to

Meanwhile, here are a couple of great things I've spotted:

Holiday Market 11_21_29
Intricate reproductions of crop circles in wood, by John Polk (booth 66).

Holiday Market 11_21_26
Also intricate illustration of a cougar, carved into a conch, by Danny Haworth (space 15).

Great Music:
From my stage side perch, I get to see some amazing performers. They are all great but a couple of my favorite moments were
Holiday Market 11_20_02
The Eugene Bhangra Youth Dancers. So much color and energy!

Holiday Market 11_28_97
Jim Page with Billy Oskay, just pure delicious folky awesomeness.

Holiday Market 11_27_88
Mood Area 52, always a personal favorite, and they sounded great.

There's so much to any Holiday Market day, I can't really do it justice in a blog post. The best plan is for you to stop by this weekend, or next, or Dec. 22-24, or any combination thereof, and find yourself some sweet Holiday Market moments of your own! See you there...