Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday Market #33: My Heros!

I should be heading out for the last Market of the season, but I want to get last week's report taken care of first - it'll be quick! There's not a whole lot to say about last week, except the luck did indeed very much run out and it was very very wet for a few hours. Despite the weather and the lack of audience, two musicians in particular stuck it out and won my undying gratitude.

First of all, Mary Ferris! Mary Ferris has been playing the Market for a few years now, even though she's in Middle School. She was there to promote the Grrrlz Rock series, and was set to play a 20 minute set, to be followed by another artist. It was pouring rain while she played. The second artist didn't turn up (due to a miscommunication as it turned out) and so she just kept playing for another 20 minutes! Hooray! Not only that, she'll be back this morning for the kid's set and it's not rainy, but it's cold... Go Grrrl, you do rock!
Saturday Market 11 08 008

So then, at 3ish, when the 3:30 band usually shows up to load in, there was an inch of standing water at the back of the stage and it was still pouring like it would never end. Disco Organica showed up, but felt like putting expensive drum sets and electronic keyboards into standing water was not a great idea. I had to agree. But I bbbbeeeeeggggged them to come up with something, any little thing, just for 40 minutes or so. Jesse Ogle, bass player extraordinaire, stepped up and agreed to play. So he sat and noodled and played and got all creative and it turned out to be just perfect for the dampened mood of the place. It did stop raining for the last hour or so of the day, and we all got to go home at least slightly dry. I completely appreciate the willingness of Jesse to sit and play what is not generally considered to be a solo instrument for 45 minutes in the cold and wet. Thank You!!!
Saturday Market 11 08 009

And today, no rain in the forecast, even a bit of sun and above 50 degrees, it'll be a great one! See you there??

Friday, November 07, 2008

Saturday Market #32: Still Lucky...

Boy, I hope I'm not jinxing us all with proclaiming weather luck, but I don't think I'll be blamed for a soggy one when the forecast calls for a 90% chance of rain.

Last week's forecast was a 60% chance of rain. It was drizzly and kind of rainy for the first hour or so of the Market, but then the sky lightened up some and the rain stopped and it turned out to be a really sweet day. November is naturally a less crowded time of year, fewer customers and fewer vendors come out in the weather. But for those of us who do, there are rewards aside from the commerce that naturally occurs rain or shine.

It's a great time for grabbing plenty of arty photos, a bonus for me of course. The colors this year and the lack of windy storms to bring down the leaves has made it a remarkable fall season.

Saturday Market 11 01 02

Saturday Market 11 01 23

And then, there's the time to hang out and chat with friends. Both the Marketeers

Saturday Market 11 01 05

and the customers take advantage of the relaxed pace of the day.

Saturday Market 11 01 15

We shall see how tomorrow goes, those of us who come out to play will find the beauty in between the raindrops. Do drop in!