Friday, February 08, 2008

Back to Work project #1: Desk Purge!

It had to be done. The one week of January that we were back in the office to tie up loose ends, all I could think about was how awful my desk was. The next three weeks of not being at work, the thought still haunted me. Must. Clean. Desk. Not just regular clean desk, completely clean desk, top to bottom, inside out, reorganize, ditch, purge, scrub, dust, sweep, it all had to be done.

So last Tuesday, I took a deep breath, grabbed some boxes, towels and cleaning stuff and started with the snowglobes, dusting them all, taking them off the shelf. The I dusted the shelf, kept taking stuff off the desk, cleaning, dusting. Wednesday and Thursday all day I took every piece of paper, collecting since 1992 - really! - out of the file drawers and started weeding. I had an inkling I'd been somewhat disorganized and irrational about filing but I was actually totallywhat irrational. No longer! half a giant recycling bin later...

and a beautiful organizational structure for the all important leftovers emerged and now it's all orderly and wonderful. As I kept running across random items in the reconstruction phase, I got to say to myself "hey, I've got a perfect place for that!" over and over. I'm so proud of myself, I just have to share. I can also look back and be reminded to keep off the slippery slope back into packrat heaven/chaos...

A Clean Desk!

Next week, the stage scheduling onslaught begins, and an entire overhaul of the website looms!